‘Looking after the main ingredient’…

At Richmond Laundries, We know that the vital ingredient to a successful kitchen is a fully equipped Chef and his team! From Award winning ‘Commercial Kitchens’ to a Restaurant’s back of house setting, We can supply you with the industry’s most popular and comfortable chef white’s and kitchen uniform to help you on your way to a delicious outcome!

Richmond Laundries is a specialist in Kitchen garment hire, and we all know how hostile a kitchen enviroment can be; seeing our results in the hundred’s of kitchen items we supply and Launder each day. Our team are not only dedicated to providing an efficient, personal service, but also extremely conscious that hygiene in your kitchen is never compromised. Our suppliers of Chef’s wear and kitchen apparel are carefully chosen and have been our preferred suppliers for over 15 years, which means our close relationships can ensure our clients receive all the detail and attention they require for specific needs of fittings and styles.

As kitchen garment hire specialists we’ve no illusions about how hostile the kitchen environment is – we see the results in the hundreds of items we launder every day.

Our Kitchen items ranges from:


Chef’s Jackets                                                    Kitchen Cloths

Chefs Trousers                                                  Glass Cloths

Skull Caps                                                            Oven Cloths

Neck Ties                                                             Butcher Aprons

Porter Jackets                                                   Oven Gloves

Porter Trousers


For more information on this sector and how we can help your sporting venue, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.