We all know Laundering takes water and energy. Our 395 customers right across Central London and surrounding areas expect us to deliver and collect on time, day in day out. Our Laundry Facilities operate continually, making certain that we clean and process to the highest standards. At Richmond Laundries, we all know this has an impact on the environment; which is why we constantly strive to reduce this during every client consultation, linen washing process & linen laundry delivery.

Strategic Planning

Continually improve the environmental performance of our operations by establishing objectives, targets, supporting programs, monitoring and measuring. Communicate this policy & other appropriate information to employees.

To ensure all our delivery routes are well planned and organised prior to reduce carbon foot print.


Washing Processes & waste management

To ensure we use the ’7 points of Waste’ theory to eradicate any over processing & over transportation of articles during washing processes.

‘Just in Time’ theory is an effective concept in the reduction of Waste. Where Practical; mainly for long term laundry agreements for linen & laundry supply, this can prevent over ordering and reduce the potential for damage to site stored linen articles.

A high percentage of the waste produced arises from packaging linen. Reduction is packaging waste can be achieved by cutting down on the amount of packaging or through the use of returnable polyester hampers.

Low chemical usage percentage throughout the washing cycle.

Regular checks are made by our water suppliers to ensure waste water is clear of any pollutants.



Route efficiencies are continuously monitored to ensure maximum efficiency.

Staff are encouraged to use public transport wherever possible


Energy Consumption

Regular external audits are conducted by machinery providers for maximum efficiency.

Our talented and well skilled laundry supervisors and on site engineers seek and identify further measures to increase efficiencies and ensure that plant operates at high efficiency.