Quality is the main ingredient that has determined our companies success right from its inception. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is fabricated into everything we do here at Richmond Laundries.

One of our main goals is to create long term relationships with all our staff, customers & suppliers; and Quality is one main factor of fullfilling that objective. Our board of Directors, constantly liaise with the factory floor managers and logistics supervisor to regularly monitor and evaluate KPI’s and ensuring that these indicators are met 100% of the time, with full efficiency and integrity.


Quality control inspector’s daily monitor all the washing processes the linen; chef whites and kitchen items go through and report to the factory floor manager for any issues which may rise during processing. All these checks are then evaluated by the office admin staffs that are trained to tally up findings and file reports on a monthly basis. This helps us to control quality and efficiency within our processing and allows us to eradicate any possible deficiencies before it takes delivery to your premises.