We are continually investing in our facilities, machinery and vehicles to ensure our equipment is up to date and performing efficiently, using the best available technologies and operating to the highest environmental standards.Richmond Laundries has constantly invested in its people and inventory to maximise our efforts in achieving the company goals and vision.

Having ended the last decade on a positive growth trajectory, Richmond Laundries has embarked on an investment strategy to modernize our industrial assets and boost our production capacity to meet the growing demand that our services have been attracting in the recent years. As we build out our footprint, we are in the process of optimizing our capital expenditures by standardizing our operations and creating uniform structural templates for our new facilities in Central London.


Here at Richmond Laundries, Employees are our competitive edge in the marketplace. We need the right people in the right jobs across the globe. 2011 welcomed a new¬† ‘Ability Initiative’ to ensure we strengthen our leadership capability and build a robust, diverse talent portal.