‘ Elegant Linen, Fine Dining’…

Here at Richmond Laundries we understand how important image and presentation is for our clients and their guests, which is why All our Table Linen are hand finished by our experienced Laundry Staff to ensure a crisp and clean finish!

We know that running any restaurant, of whatever size, is a complex business that requires split-second timing behind the scenes and calm authority front of houseOur large stock of fine Egyptian and Croatian Cotton table linen all in different shapes and sizes gives us the edge in providing our clients with the best possible linen service, Which means you’ll never run out!

From Plain White Egyptian cotton to gorgeous colourful polyester satin band and Ivy Leaf designed Table clothes and Serviettes, Richmond Laundries Have the capacity to service all your restaurant linen needs, efficiently and without breaking the bank!

Our table linen ranges from:

Egyptian Cotton

Croatian Cotton

100% mercerised Table cloths and Serviettes

Easy care Spun Polyester Table Cloths and Serviettes

A Spectrum of Wonderful colours

Plain, Satin Band, Ivy Leaf and Classic Rose designs

Excellent colour retention

Hot Towels

As part of our Laundry Service, we also supply Hot towels to many illustrious Casino’s in the Capital.

Processing well over 15,000 hot towels a week, Our clients can be sure to receive quality, lemon scented towels each separately sealed for quality and hygiene purposes.